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Point of Sale Inspections Required in Cleveland Ohio Suburbs

Point of Sale Inspections Required by 21 Citie...

There are currently 21 suburbs around Cleveland Ohio (and the list is growing) requiring homes to pass final inspections before titles are transferred. These Point of Sale Inspections (POS) allow the city to maintain the condition of their aging housing stock to keep up property values.  View the list of cities in Cleveland that require Point of Sale Inspections.

SystemToSell is a licensed general contractor in each of the cities requiring the POS repairs. With carpenters, painters, and other tradesmen on staff, SystemToSell handles all the work in house with our own crews. We now have Plumbing and HVAC licenses in house and are experienced in correcting all violations from your city’s Point of Sale Inspection promptly and professionally.

See some residential before and after photos of a recent property improvement that SystemToSell did to prepare a home for a Point of Sale inspection.

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How to get your home ready to sell

By Steve Nicholas, System To Sell- Cleveland, Ohio

Homes have traditionally been the single largest investment for most Americans. Despite this fact, most homeowners preparing to sell their house don’t know what improvements should be done in order to get their house ready to sell. There is a direct correlation between the condition of the home, how well it shows, and the selling price.

Homes in great selling condition sell faster and for more money.



There are 3 conventional ways to get your home ready to sell.

  1. Do the repairs yourself. Some homeowners possess the skills and time to handle all the improvements, eliminating the need to hire subcontractors to handle the work. The return on investment [ROI] is high as long as the homeowners keep track of the nature and cost of the improvements. An example of overimprovement would be a homeowner deciding to install a Viking Stove in a neighborhood where home sales prices won’t support this type of improvement.
  2. Hire contractors. We live in an age of specialists: among them are drywallers, painters, plumbers, roofers, carpet cleaners, and duct cleaners. Each company is a specialist at what they. They also each charge overhead and profit. So if you hire 6 different subcontractors, you pay overhead and profit to 6 different companies.
  3. Hire a handyman. This option eliminates the duplication of overhead and profit for some of the trades. The handyman does the repairs he/she is directed to do by the Seller, whether the improvements increase the value of the house or not. The Seller is left with the burden of managing the renovation process to maximize the return at closing.

Or there is a new option available to homeowners.

  1. Hire System To Sell. This option also eliminates the duplication of overhead and profit from multiple subcontractors but shifts the responsibility of managing the renovation process away from the inexperienced homeowner to the professional. The focus of SystemToSell is on creating a house that sells quickly and for the most money in order to maximizes the Seller’s equity.

If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule an assessment of your home, we can be reached at www.systemtosell.com or toll free at 1-8oo-456-7500.


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