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Case Study: Woodbrook Trail Project Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Project Type: The new buyer wanted to remodel this out of date condominium. The project was a huge success. The owner loved it.

Scope of Work:   Painted the whole interior of the house, electrical, plumbing, kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, removed wall to open up floor plan, new carpeting.

Timeframe: 36 workdays.

Basement- Waterproofing, Renovation, and Mold Remediation

Best Return on Your Investment  Whether you dream of a state-of-the-art media center, a playroom for your kids, or another bedroom;  basement renovations offer one of the best returns on your investment dollar due to having the shell already complete.  Renovating your basement not only increasing your home’s value but adds additional space for your family’s enjoyment.

Must be dry and Mold Free  Seems obvious but it is common to have water infiltration or mold issues in many Northeastern Ohio basements. SystemToSell is experienced at all basement renovation, interior and exterior waterproofing systemts, and mold remediation.

Flooring Projects

SystemToSell installs a wide variety of flooring including vinyl, ceramic, hardwood, laminate, linoleum and carpet as well as refinishing hardwood flooring and repairs.

Flooring can make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your home. It also contributes to the resale value. There are many choices to consider when deciding on the flooring for your home. Let us help you choose the flooring that will best enhance your home and its value.









Siding Projects

SystemToSell also does siding installation and repairs. There are several benefits to installing siding on your home. Siding is long lasting, durable, inexpensive and easy to maintain.

When selecting siding, one has to select from a wide array of colors, materials, and different textures. The beauty of siding is that it works with any architectural style, though making the right selection is in emphasizing the true character of your home.  Give us a call and let us help you choose the best siding that will show your homes genuine appeal.






Windows & Doors

SystemTo Sell installs new windows and doors as well as window reglazing and repairs. Replacing your old windows and doors is not only cosmetically appealing but updates your home, helps cancel outside noise and are very energy efficient.

Replacing old windows can also give you the opportunity to add depth, dimension and style to any room with decorative windows. New windows and doors are a great selling point when putting your home on the market.





Carpentry Projects

SystemToSell is proud to offer quality craftsmanship in all of our services but our carpentry is second to none. From finish trim to new room additions to our Amish built custom cabinets, we take great satisfaction in bringing you a superior product to increase the value of your home.



Concrete & Masonry Projects

SystemToSell performs all types of concrete & masonry repairs. You can face significant loss of your home value if concrete and masonry defects are not promptly and correctly repaired, not to mention increased repair costs in the future or the unnecessary cost of total replacement.

All of this can be prevented if the correct repairs are made early. Don’t lose substantial value in your home that is avoidable with a few timely repairs.


Should you Fix up Your Home or Sell It As Is?

By Steve Nicholas, System To Sell- Cleveland, Ohio

Many Sellers today find themselves asking the question:   

Should they fix up their home before they put it on the market or sell it as is?

An important consideration for many homeowners is to understand the motivations of a typical Buyer. Most Buyers want homes that are in move in condition with little or no work necessary so they can move their possessions in and start living in the home. They are concerned about the cost of repairs and most do not have the time and/or money to tackle them. This is confirmed by the fact that the homes in the best condition are shown more often and sell faster than homes that show poorly or need work.

On the flip side, there are some Buyers that actively seek out distressed properties that need work. This group of Buyers is prepared to put in the time and money to get the house in top condition. But it’s at a price. They expect a heavily discounted sales price to compensate them for their trouble.

Before the house is listed, a Seller should research comparable homes in the neighborhood that have sold or are currently for sale and analyze their condition, amenities, and quality of finishes. This information will give the Seller a good idea of the condition their house must be in order to compete. If the Seller wants to sell faster or for more money than the comparable homes, they must have a home in better condition, a better floor plan, a better kitchen, or have some other advantage to get the Buyer to pay more for their home over the others for sale in the neighborhood.

Savvy Sellers know they must also consider the cost of the improvements along with the market value of the home once the upgrades or repairs are made. The return on the investment (ROI) must warrant the cost of the improvement.

Whether you decide to make the necessary improvements or sell your home as is, the amount of equity you walk away with at closing will be determined by the choices you make long before you list your home.

Please contact SystemToSell at www.systemtosell.com or toll free at 1-8oo-456-7500 for guidance on the best repairs or improvements to make to be competitive to get the most equity out of your home.

This article is the intellectual property of SystemToSell  LLC  and cannot be copied without written permission.  SystemToSell ©2010.

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How to get your home ready to sell

By Steve Nicholas, System To Sell- Cleveland, Ohio

Homes have traditionally been the single largest investment for most Americans. Despite this fact, most homeowners preparing to sell their house don’t know what improvements should be done in order to get their house ready to sell. There is a direct correlation between the condition of the home, how well it shows, and the selling price.

Homes in great selling condition sell faster and for more money.



There are 3 conventional ways to get your home ready to sell.

  1. Do the repairs yourself. Some homeowners possess the skills and time to handle all the improvements, eliminating the need to hire subcontractors to handle the work. The return on investment [ROI] is high as long as the homeowners keep track of the nature and cost of the improvements. An example of overimprovement would be a homeowner deciding to install a Viking Stove in a neighborhood where home sales prices won’t support this type of improvement.
  2. Hire contractors. We live in an age of specialists: among them are drywallers, painters, plumbers, roofers, carpet cleaners, and duct cleaners. Each company is a specialist at what they. They also each charge overhead and profit. So if you hire 6 different subcontractors, you pay overhead and profit to 6 different companies.
  3. Hire a handyman. This option eliminates the duplication of overhead and profit for some of the trades. The handyman does the repairs he/she is directed to do by the Seller, whether the improvements increase the value of the house or not. The Seller is left with the burden of managing the renovation process to maximize the return at closing.

Or there is a new option available to homeowners.

  1. Hire System To Sell. This option also eliminates the duplication of overhead and profit from multiple subcontractors but shifts the responsibility of managing the renovation process away from the inexperienced homeowner to the professional. The focus of SystemToSell is on creating a house that sells quickly and for the most money in order to maximizes the Seller’s equity.

If you have any additional questions or would like to schedule an assessment of your home, we can be reached at www.systemtosell.com or toll free at 1-8oo-456-7500.


This article is the intellectual property of SystemToSell  LLC  and cannot be copied without written permission.  SystemToSell ©2010.



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Electrical Projects

Having an updated electrical system can be a real selling point for a homeowner. Many older homes have significant problems with their electrical systems that could eventually cause a fire or other problems.

 Working with electricity is no match for beginners.  Let the professionals at SystemToSell take care of all your electrical needs from replacing electrical outlets, rewiring or installing light fixtures and ceiling fans or even a new electrical panel, we’re here to help you every step of the way to improve the value of your home.