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Case Study: Merriman Road Property Akron, Ohio

Project Type: Preparing the property for sale. The owners saw SystemToSell working on another property nearby and wanted us to help them get their property in selling condition.

Scope of Work:  Phase One- Exterior. Replaced all broken window glass and reglazed windows, Replaced damaged siding and fascia, Rebuilt concrete steps, Installed new handrailings, pressure washed house, garage, and driveway, and scraped, primed, and painted the house and detached garage.

Phase Two- Interior. Coming this winter.

Timeframe: 28 workdays.



Landscaping Projects

SystemToSell has a wide variety of designs for your landscaping needs. From big projects to small, our landscaping team can make your yard an eye catching oasis.

Whether you want to increase the value, the usability or the aesthetic quality of your home, installing landscaping will do the trick. So give us a call today to see our designs or let us help you bring your  landscaping ideas to life!