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Case Study: Ridgecliff Road Tallmadge, Ohio

Project Type: The new buyer wanted to remodel this out of date condominium. The project was a huge success. The owner loved it.

Scope of Work:   Painted the whole interior of the house, electrical, plumbing, kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation, added french doors, new carpeting.

Timeframe: 45 workdays.

Case Study: Fox Hollow Lane Bath, Ohio

Project Type: Preparing for sale.  The Realtor recommended SystemToSell to prepare the 6,200 sf house for sale.

Scope of Work:   Painted the whole interior of the house, refinished the hardwood floors, (2) bathroom renovations, did many interior and exterior repairs, pressure washed the house, walks, and concrete driveway.

Timeframe: 21 workdays.

Case Study: Portland Cove Stow, Ohio

Project Type: The new buyer wanted to bring her own style to the outdated condominium. She loved the final outcome.

Scope of Work:   Painted the interior walls, ceiling, kitchen cabinets, and all the trim including the stair railings. Installed granite countertops and new cabinet hardware. Installed new hardwood flooring. Installed new light fixtures.

Results:  The new owner loved it.

Timeframe: 20 workdays.

Case Study: Westlake Blvd. Property Kent, Ohio

Project Type: Preparing the property for sale. The Realtor recommeded SystemToSell to the executors of the estate.

Scope of Work:   Painted the interior and exterior of the house. Installed new light fixtures. Pressure washed the house, garage, and driveway, and cleaned the house.

Results:  The house had 3 offers within 2 weeks of going on the market. Sold for more than asking price.

Timeframe: 15 workdays.