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The "Little Things" Add Up to a Lot of Lost Equity

Improve Your House with a Good Paint JobA typical home has many things that need to be corrected in order for the house to show well. The time to fix each individual task may be relatively small but the buyer does not look at it this way. Each negative takes a small bite out of the perceived value of the house in the buyer's eyes. Over the whole house, the "little things" add up to a lot of lost equity.

But there is a better way. Identify and fix the right problems — the ones that give you a good ROI and you'll have extra money that you can take to the bank at closing.

Making it Easy for Buyers to Love Your Home

Customized Assessment. Customized Implementation. Targeted Results.

SystemToSell provides expert guidance in all phases of the home selling process to get your home ready to sell for top dollar.

Your Home Assessment & Action Plan

SystemToSell approaches your home sale from an analytical perspective by assessing the condition of your property and creating an action plan that fits your goals, budget, and timeframe — always focusing on maximizing your equity. Your Home Assessment & Action Plan

Your Home Improvement

SystemToSell is one company. We handle all the construction work necessary to implement your action plan with our crews and trained affiliate subcontractors. Your Home Improvement


"Looking Good Through Closing"

SystemToSell offers ongoing maintenance services to maintain your new image throughout your listing period. "Looking Good Through Closing

Our focus is on homeowners, banks, and mortgage companies that want to maintain or improve the value of their residential assets—whether it’s one house or a portfolio.

Our goal is your goal: to create maximum value for your residential property.

Your Home Assessment

Property Owner Interview

Our SystemToSell representative talks with you to understand your goals including:

  • Reasons for Selling
  • Moving timeframe
  • Financial Expectations
  • Budget

Property Inspection

Our 256-point home inspection assesses your home’s condition, identifying its unique strengths and weaknesses including:

  • The current physical condition of the home (the roof, plumbing, structure, electrical, etc. )
  • The size of the rooms, floor plan, and unique features
  • The current showing condition and marketability

Customized Property Improvement Report

Your property’s customized improvement report is generated from the information collected from the owner interview and property inspection and is the road map for how to get the results you want. It’s a great tool to assist the Realtor in determining the correct listing price after all improvements are completed.

The report is a snapshot of the current condition, showing areas of your home showing the strengths and weaknesses with a clear plan of specific recommendations for improving the weaknesses. Cost estimates and a timeframe for getting all the work completed are included.
The information is based on historical selling importance and market trends.

It’s imperative to assess your home’s condition before creating a strategy to market and sell it. That way, we'll know which problem areas to recommend to be corrected first, given your budget and goals. The goal is to correctly market the best attributes of your home.

Your Home Improvement

Now the rubber hits the road. We arrive at your property with all the equipment, tools, and trades people and stay until it’s completed. With SystemToSell’s single source approach, we are able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. One company to handle all cleaning, repairs, improvements, staging, and moving. Our SystemToSell craftsmen, interior designers, project managers, stagers, and affiliate contractors are all at your disposal, all focused to get your house sold for maximum profit and quickly.

Improvement services include:

Looking Good Through Closing

The work doesn’t stop when the listing starts. Your home must be kept in pristine condition throughout the listing period. SystemToSell offers weekly routine maintenance for the life of your listing. List of maintenance services.

With everyone’s busy lifestyles, the last thing on your mind is keeping the house in perfect shape. Grass cutting, freshening up the mulch, interior general cleaning, deep cleaning, and last minute cleaning for open houses are but a few of the services we offer to keep your home in tip top condition.

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