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Q. How can I prepare my house for sale?
A. The selling process can start months before a property is actually put on the market. It's a good idea to begin by looking at your home through the eyes of a potential buyer. This will help you decide what needs to be tossed-out, cleaned, painted, and repaired. Your SystemToSell representative can help you make these decisions.
Q. What if my house is already listed?
A. Although it’s much better to get your home in great condition before it’s put on the market, it’s never too late to do the necessary cleaning, repairs, improvements, and staging to sell your home.
Q. How much do you charge?
A. We have smaller packages that have fixed prices but generally, each home's condition is unique due to variables such as the age of the home, previous maintenance history, damage due to pets, etc. and a home assessment is necessary.  Please contact us to schedule a property assessment and we will give you a detailed estimate.
Q. Do you stage homes?
A. Yes we do. We work with many top stagers and have a growing inventory of furniture, artwork, and accessories. Our professional staging shows your home in its best light, therefore increasing its marketability.
Q. Are you like a handyman?
A. No, even though our scope of work may appear the same at times, we understand exactly what needs to be done to get a home into great selling condition using the right colors, the right staging, the right marketing image. Handymen just do the chores you assign them. If given improper guidance, then you may be applying your money ineffectively without regard to increasing your home’s marketability.
Q. Why should I hire you to do all the work and not separate contractors?
A.We see the bigger picture — not the least of which is overseeing the marketability of your home. By managing the whole process, we keep an eye on costs, scope of work, quality of construction, and the marketability of your home. Individual subcontractors are focused on the task at hand with no regard to your ROI when you sell. 
Q. Do you guarantee your work?
A. Yes, our workmanship (labor) is guaranteed for 6 months.
Q. How important is the condition of my property to its sale?
A. It's very important, depending on your priorities. Are you hoping to extract the maximum sale price for your home? If so, condition and appearance are crucial. If, however, you've let deferred maintenance catch up with you, your priorities may be different: you may wish to sell your home in "as is" condition, allowing the buyer to repair/replace items as s/he sees fit. In this case, your ultimate sale price will be less than what the same buyer would be willing to pay for a home that's in mint-condition.
Q. I can clean, paint, and cut grass, why do I need your company?
A. Some homeowners have all the skills, equipment, time, and desire to do the work.  Most homeowners, though, have very busy schedules and prefer to have an expert manage the task for them.
Q. Why isn’t my home selling?
A. There are six reasons usually associated with a house is not selling:

1. Your home is overpriced.
2. Your home doesn’t show well.
3. Bad location.
4. Wrong Realtor.
5. Bad Market conditions.
6. Ineffective marketing.

SystemToSell can’t help with your location, the economy, or the Realtor you choose, but we can help with getting your house in great selling condition so that you can effectively stand out from the competition.

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