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A Better Way to Sell Your Home

Buyers Must Fall In Love With Your HomeHome Buyers must Fall in Love First

We understand that the buyer must first make the emotional decision to buy your home and then use intellect to justify that decision. The selling process is very complex. We understand that.

SystemToSell has an innovative new system that assesses your home’s strengths and weaknesses so that we can create a plan and budget, and then get your home in top selling condition so your Realtor can sell your home quickly and for the best price. Call us today and schedule a home assessment.

SystemToSell has the expertise and resources to keep buyers in the "I love it" frame of mine throughout the buying process. See the table below.

Selling Process Buying Process SystemToSell Services Benefit
Prepare Home for Sale   Property Assessment

You have a plan and don’t waste money on the wrong improvements.

Property Cleaning

A clean home is perceived by a buyer as a well maintained home.

Property Repairs The buyer will use small repairs as a bargaining chip to lower your price.
Property Improvements

Get rid of your home’s weaknesses and get better offers.

Property Staging

The buyer will envision that your home is his and make you an offer.

Furniture & Junk Removal

A home with less furniture looks bigger — creating value.

Maintain your yard and landscaping Drive-By


Great curb appeal is the first step on selling your home. Property maintenance.

Clean your home's exterior and interior. Initial Showing



Great first impressions keep you in the running so your home is given serious consideration. The first step towards getting an offer. Property cleaning, property maintenance.

Confidence in the negotiation process; Fewer buyer concessions

  Closing   Congratulations! You just sold your house.

The Secret

The secret to SystemToSell's success is to eliminate as many barriers (as your budget will allow) so that the buyer will love your home and want to own it. Period. Let us help you succeed.

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